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Smart University Internet Connect on Smart Phones

How to Connect Smart University Internet on Android Mobile devices.

Step 1: Trun on Your Phone WIFI

1. Trun on you wifi in phone.


Step 2: Change the Setting of Phone

2.1 : Click on Phase 2 Authentication

2.2: Select MSCHAPV2


2.3: Click on CA Certificate and select None/Unspecified or Do not Validate.

Note: Change the setting of Phase 2 Authentication to MSCHAPV2 and CA Certificate to None or Do not validate. In some phones CA Certificate option only show none or unspecified. In this case CA certificate change to None or unspecified. If show options in this case select “Do not validate” out of other options.

Step 3: Enter the Id or Password and Click on Connect or Join.

3.1: Enter the user id or Password.

Step 4:

Check all of above setting and spells of id or Password then click on Join or connect.
Note: In iPhone or Apple devices only enter user id or password. No setting changed in Apple devices.

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