The Women University Multan

"ilm tafakkur tadabbur"




The Central Research Lab of The Women University Multan was established by Prof. Dr Shahida Husnain in 2014 and equipped with few sophisticated instruments along with well-trained and dedicated staff. The lab is equipped with the latest tools and equipment to give researchers ample exposure to the latest developments in the field of Physical and Life sciences. It enables students and scientists to pursue research in disciplines of biological, medical, chemical and agricultural sciences. Before the installation of these equipments, the samples were either sent outside the country or to laboratories rarely located within the country where the researchers either have no access or have to wait for months to get results.

Services are offered not only to the students and researchers from this university but also to other universities, research institutions.


The main objectives of the Central Research Lab are

Administration and Staff

Incharge : Dr. Samina Aslam
Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry
Ph.D. (Islamia University, Bahawalpur)
Post doc (Oxford University, UK)
Contact detail:
Email: [email protected]

Instruments available:


Central Reseach Laboratory is equipped with state of the art instruments like FTIR, HPLC, Gel Electrophoresis, UV spectrophotometer  etc. along with well-trained and dedicated staff. There has been continuous demand for basic and operational training on the said instruments from students, faculty members and other technical staff.  In this connection one week customized hands on/general training programs are initiated at this laboratory.