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New Message from the Vice Chancellor of The Women University Multan

Vice Chancellor’s Message:

I hope you all are safe and coping well with the global pandemic challenge that has engulfed our lives. In this difficult time, we need to stand strong and united and help the most vulnerable sections of society. We also need to maintain a semblance of normalcy through the development and delivery of online pedagogical skills and services. Our primary concern is to not let the quality of teaching and research suffer due to this global crisis. For this purpose, the Women University Multan is working on the development of its own LMS, online course catalogue, Web TV, and YouTube channel to make learning accessible and convenient for students. The faculty members are already in touch with students for teaching and research purposes and are doing their best to come up with the most effective pedagogical strategies and skills to create conducive online learning environment in the current situation. We, the administration and faculty of WUM, have strong faith in our student community and believe that, with combined efforts, we will get through theses challenging times.
We are also working on developing an Online Psychological Counseling System for WUM faculty and students. WHO health guidelines are being implemented in the campuses and uploaded on the university website as well. The administration and faculty of WUM have also joined hands to launch HOPE Society to extend community service to the university employees on compassionate grounds. It includes the provision of ration service to the daily wagers and vulnerable sections of society.
We, as an academic institution, are doing our utmost best in these troubled times and we ardently hope that the entire human race will emerge all the more wiser, stronger, and victorious from this global challenge.
We pray that the Almighty Allah (SWT) protect us all, ان شاءاللہ.

Warm regards

Prof. Dr. Uzma Quraishi
Vice Chancellor,
The Women University, Multan.

Editor’s Note

Welcome to the 5th issue of WUM newsletter.
The WUM newsletter committee hopes that all of you are safe and are following the guidelines issued by WHO and the Government of Pakistan respectively regarding the safety measures to be adopted during the global Covid-19 pandemic.
This crisis, due to its unprecedented nature in modern history, has left humanity feeling bereft and reeling from the shock of its magnitude. But it is in these testing times that humanity can evaluate and take stock of what lead to this global crisis and its resultant disarray. In a self-introspective measure, humanity can look for more sustainable, healthy, equitable, and inclusive modes of peaceful existence.
The WUM newsletter committee would like to inform the readers that, due to Covid-19 crisis, only the digital version of the 5th issue of WUM newsletter will be available on our website. Our sincerest apologies to all the 300+ academic institutions nationwide who had been receiving the printed copies of WUM newsletter for the past two years. In sha Allah, the printing process will resume in the next issue.
The 5th issue of WUM newsletter covers an extensive range of academic and administrative events and happenings at WUM from the period of July 2019 to December 2019. The most significant one being the long-awaited appointment of our worthy Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Uzma Quraishi in August, 2019. The WUM newsletter committee warmly welcomes her, and this issue also includes a report on how Dr. Quraishi has been warmly welcomed by the WUM community.
We also look forward to the continuation of feedback from our faculty and scholars at WUM in particular and from the academic community in general.

Wishing you strength and resilience in these challenging times!

Munazzah Rabbani
Chief Editor/Chairperson,
WUM Newsletter Committee