The Women University Multan

"ilm tafakkur tadabbur"


Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure


Research, Innovation and Commercialization:

ORIC-WUM offers a range of innovation, entrepreneurship and commercialization programmes that support our students and staff to grow their entrepreneurial mindset and capabilities.

Amongst the many programs offer are:

Kamyab Jawan Start Up program:

The program aims the development of youth by initiating several development programs for the youth enabling them to come forward and play their vital role in national development. Start Up program is aimed at providing an environment in which one million youth would be imparted training in entrepreneurship. The government has ensured 100 percent transparency in issuing the soft business loans to the youth under Kamyab Jawan Programme. This platform aims to increase immensely the job opportunities for the youth.

Antiviral/Antibacterial Hand Sanitizers:

Hand sanitizers and disinfectants for general surfaces have been developed and distributed among guards and essential staff. Per litre cost of 1000 was achieved for sanitizers and 150-200/litre for surface disinfactant was maintained.  These products are now designed to make them environment friendly by using available local herbs and natural ingredients.

Antiviral material coated textile:

Antiviral material coated textile technology has also been shared with the industry to develop Personal protective equipment at local scale and the project outcomes have been achieved successfully.