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Controller of Examinations


The Office of Controller of Examination at The Women University Multan is responsible for the conduct of examinations, and enforcing rules and regulations of examinations. The department diligently ensures that all degrees or transcripts issued are genuine and the individual receiving them meets the entire legal requirements for this purpose.
The Controller of Examination at WUM is concerned with the examination of the whole University as well as its affiliated Colleges / Institutes. The Controller of Examination’s Office deals with all matters related to examinations, results, verification of documents, issuing degrees/ transcripts/ interim transcripts and Detail Marks Certificate’s (DMC’s). The controller of Examinations (CoE) is one of the most important departments at WUM. The role of the COE department, in view of its team, is not of a policeman but it is a “Security Guard” who ensures that any “Degree or transcript” which goes out of this institute is genuine and is being issued to person who fulfills the entire legal requirement for this purpose.


Due to the strength of the examinations and evaluation system of The Women University, Multan, its degree will be considered as a benchmark for Quality, Reliability & Credibility.


The Examinations Department in WUM will develop a unified, technologically strong, efficient, customer oriented, flexible, and transparent system that should guarantee highly reliable testing and evaluation procedures with zero tolerance towards unfair and inefficient practices.


  1. To establish a strong, reliable, and credible examination/evaluation system in the university.
  2. To improve the quality of examination and evaluation, and ensure credibility of the processes throughout the system.
  3. To ensure that all components of the examinations system in the university follow the rules and policies of the institute in true letter and spirit to ensure the same quality standards across the board.
  4. To improve the examinations and evaluation policies of the university to make them flexible enough to adapt to the changing environment continuously.
  5. To boost the examination system to the optimum level to get better, speedy, and reliable results.
  6. To establish a network that could guarantee constant information sharing between all the components.
  7. To develop a strong and consistent examination/evaluation system in the University.
  8. To enhance the quality of examination and evaluation, ensuring the reliability of the processes of the examination systems.
  9. To ensure that the examinations system in the University follows the rules and policies passed by the Board of Governors.
  10. To maintain all examination records effectively.

Controller Office Head and Officials:


Dr. Hina Ali
Controller of Examinations
PhD (Economics)
Phone: 0619066222
Email:[email protected]


1. Ms. Shazia Riaz
Assistant Controller of Examinations
(Tabulation Branch)
M. Phil. (Mathematics)
Email: [email protected]
Ext. 204
2. Ms. Zubaria Mugsi
Assistant Controller of Examinations
(Degree Cell)
M.Phil. (Economics)
Email: [email protected]
Ext. 209
3. Mr. Safeer Haider
Assistant Controller of Examinations
(Conduction Branch)
MS (Project Management)
Email: [email protected]
Ext. 203
4. Ms. Uroosa Akhtar
Assistant Controller of Examinations
(Secrecy Branch & PhD section)
MBA (Marketing)
Email: [email protected]
Ext. 208
5. Ms. Sumbal Hashmi
Assistant Controller of Examinations
(Centralized Uniform Examinations Cell)
M. Phil (English)
Email: [email protected]
Ext. 208
6. Dr. Naeem Ali
Network Administrator (PhD MIS)
Email: [email protected]
Ext. 102
7. Mr. Muhammad Kamran
Admin Officer (MBA Finance)
Email: [email protected]
Ext. 205
8. Mr. Muhammad Abubkar
Sr. Computer Operator (M. Phil Islamic Studies)Email: [email protected]

Result Notification

Title Download
Final PhD Notification file_download
Result Notification 2021 Vol-III file_download
Result Notification 2021 Vol-II file_download
Result Notification 2021 Vol-I file_download
Corrigendum 2021 file_download
Result Notification 2020 Vol-II file_download
Result Notification 2020 Vol-I file_download
Corrigendum 2020 file_download
Result Notification 2019 Vol-I file_download
Result Notification 2018 Vol-III file_download
Result Notification 2018 Vol-II file_download
Result Notification 2018 Vol-I file_download
Result Notification 2017 Vol-III file_download
Result Notification 2017 Vol-II file_download
Result Notification 2017 Vol-I file_download


Convocation is more than just a formal ceremony for the conferral of degrees and diplomas; it’s the recognition of a longstanding tradition whereby the University community – students, faculty, staff and alumni – applaud your achievements. At Women University Multan Convocation ceremonies, as you look forward to beginning the newest chapter in your journey, you will celebrate with your family, friends and class fellows those days and long nights of study and hard work and be welcomed a​s our newest alumni.

Number of Degrees Conferred

Convocations Held Date PhDs MS/M.Phil. M.Sc. M.A BS TOTAL
1st Dec 17, 2016 0 72 180 54 314 620
2nd Feb 26, 2017 0 121 145 41 333 640
3rd Oct 10, 2021 8 211 867 674 1760

Faculty Wise Passout Students

Years Faculty of Arts and Social Science Faculty of Religion and Languages Faculty of Economics, Commerce and Management Sciences Faculty of Life Science Faculty of Science
2014 0 0 0 0 17
2015 41 58 33 30 99
2016 43 42 31 78 148
2017 109 107 40 143 252
2018 143 134 30 162 320
2019 152 182 41 143 418
2020 147 199 62 168 446
2021 324 281 131 373 542


  • remove_red_eyeApplication form for Semester Result Card.


    Semester result card will be issued by the concerned department on the request of the student through prescribed application form.

    Download Application Form

  • remove_red_eyeApplication form for Provisional Mark Sheet.


    1. After the declaration of result, a student will be eligible to apply for provisional mark sheet.
    2. Form should be duly signed from HOD (Head of Department) accompanied with a paid bank voucher
    3. The provisional certificate will be issued in 05 working certificate.

    Download Application Form

  • remove_red_eyeApplication form for Merit Certificate.


    Semester result card will be issued by the concerned department on the request of the student through prescribed application form.

    Download Application Form

  • remove_red_eyeApplication form for Progressive Result Card.


    1. The student who has successfully passed all the subjects of previous semester is only eligible for submitting the request for progressive mark sheet.
    2. An application would be forwarded by student through the department with following particulars
    I. Duly signed application form
    II. Bank voucher
    III. The progressive mark sheet will be provided in 05 working days.

    Download Application Form

  • remove_red_eyeApplication form for Degree (before Convocation).


    On successful completion of the requirements of the BS, Master,M.phil & Ph.D degree, each candidate shall be awarded the degree of BS, Master ,M.phil & Ph.D.

    Download Application Form

  • remove_red_eyeApplication form for Revised Degree.
  • remove_red_eyeApplication form for Duplicate Transcript.
  • remove_red_eyeApplication form for Revised Transcript.
  • remove_red_eyeApplication Form for Provisional Merit Certificate
  • remove_red_eyeApplication form for Transcript/Degree verification.