The Women University Multan

"ilm tafakkur tadabbur"




In the current era of ever evolving knowledge & cutting edge technologies, it has become absolutely essential to narrow the gap between academia and industry. The filling of this gap is important so that the competencies and employability skills can be transferred to the students of the university.

For this purpose, Career Counseling Center (CCC) has been established at Women University Multan with the collaboration of Punjab Higher Education Commission (PHEC) to instill better sense of selection of profession and path in students. Now CCC is functional at WUM & also working to strengthen the students to provide them with the skill and tools they need to increase their exposure to markets and corporate trends.


Prepare students/alumni to make career-related decisions, to find related employment, and to meet workplace expectations.


  • The Women University Multan Career Counseling Center will be recognized as the resource that is committed to the holistic development of students and alumni through global collaboration with internal and external partners.
  • Our programs and services will provide students and alumni with the necessary skills and methods to manage and excel in their career goals.



Following are the goals for the establishment of career counseling center:

  • Develop a career path based on skills and interests of students.
  • Gather all the available educational as well as occupational information to aid in developing this path.
  • Select appropriate academic programs and other opportunities that maximize future educational & career options.
  • Prepare to find an internship or occupation after University by developing job-search and presentational skills.
  • Establishment of networks with Alumni, employers, organizations, and other groups that offer potential professional opportunities.
  • Enhance professional communication skills for students and young faculty.
  • Find employment or a graduate opportunity that fits their goals.
  • Prepare to manage their careers after the completion of university education.
  • Arrange education as well as job fairs to create industry-academia linkages.
  • To facilitate students & Alumni in making appropriate & realistic career choices & career decisions.
  • To organize various activities such as Seminar, workshops, lecture for Wum graduating students.
  • To effectively improve students in behavior & skills necessary to seek & quality for job.
  • To guide students choose further higher education.

Staff Members

Zerlish Ali Syed

(Assistant Director)

Habib Ur Rehman