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Welcome to The Women University Multan:

Nestled in the enclave of the heart of the city, The Women University has the distinction of becoming the first University for Women in the city of Multan. To keep pace with the ever-growing demand for the educational reforms, a persistent evolutionary process is needed that can transform a newly established university into a hub of knowledge. In order to reap the benefits of knowledge dissemination, a proposal for setting up the university was designed that can serve the national interest in a broad framework. To compete on par with the global standards, a comprehensive and focused education revamp was demanded in the form of an institution that could serve the inhabitants of the city as well as the nation altogether. It could be a matter of elation for the local fraternity to find an institute of advanced studies in their vicinity, easily accessible to the female knowledge seekers.

To serve the purpose, at the initial stage the university is housed in the existing Kutchery Campus of Government Degree College for Women, Multan. The emergence of the College into the Women University took place in 2012 under the Act approved by Punjab Assembly in 2010, attaining an entity of one of the campuses of the WUM. Another campus building at Matital Road is also completed for providing an ambitious plan of the University for the years to come. The WUM has multifaceted goals ahead which it is committed to achieve in the years to come. In its own role the University emphasizes the exploration of values, sense of community and grooming of the talent residing within the students.

For this it has given the opportunity to such persons in the form of faculty which could serve as true mentors and role models. The WUM is offering ground breaking research facilities to excel in meeting the global challenges of the future. The mission is to highlight the importance of education which can serve as a gear to empower women. We believe the University has all that is needed to ignite potential, purpose, skill and pioneering spirit in the knowledge seekers.

University offers BS, M.Sc. /M.A, M.Phil. and Ph.D. in various disciplines under Semester system. Experience being part of a powerful Womanhood institute that provides encouragement, support, and opportunity to the females to grow through advocacy, education, research and Philanthropy. At Women University, you will find a safe place to express yourself, to discover who you are and who you want to become, and to grow in confidence and dignity. New entrants are welcomed here to ice the cake of their potentials with the rich cream of knowledge. Because we believe that Behind every success is endeavor…Behind endeavor, ability…Behind ability, knowledge…Behind knowledge, a seeker.”

To compete on par with the global standards, a comprehensive and focused educational revamp was demanded in the form of an institution that could serve the inhabitants of the city as well as the nation altogether. It could be a matter of elation for the local fraternity to find an institute of Advanced Studies in their vicinity, easily accessible to the female knowledge seekers. To serve the purpose, at initial stage the WUM was only housed in the Kutchery Campus of Government Degree College for Women, Multan.

But this space was found insufficient for university activities. The realization of this need led to the establishment of new campus which is situated at Matital road, Multan. Matital campus building is almost completed providing an ambitious plan of the University for the years to come. Admin block, central library, cafeteria, medical center, security set up/panel, sewerage system/lines, roads/pathways, boundary wall have been completed. The faculty and students’ hostels are also ready for accommodation. Since 2017, departments of Botany, Zoology, Environmental Sciences and Microbiology and Molecular Genetics have been shifted to Matital Campus. Remaining departments are planned to be shifted to the Matital Campus in next phase soon InshaaAllah. University buses and shuttle service are available from Kutchary Campus to Matitalcampus for the staff and students.

Vice Chancellor Message


The Women University Multan aspires to promote distinctive world class education and research to cultivate and enhance students’ competence by exploring their hidden potential, skills and creativity to meet the challenges of 21st century. The University is also committed to train and educate the females in a conducive environment providing the strongest foundation to build identity and character.

Dear Students! You are embarking towards a bright academic and professional journey. We look forward to facilitate you to contribute in the progress and prosperity of our country.

WUM emphasizes to instill values and facilitate development of personal attributes. This is to ensure career oriented education and learning that is vital for individual identity and women empowerment. The University is committed to contribute to the advancement of learning and knowledge as we look towards future.


To foster its vision, The Women University Multan being the sole Women University of Multan is striving hard to enrich the future of nation by creating the finest stuff of empowered women. The University is having state of the art facilities to help and support students for their comfortable stay at campus and to enhance their quality of learning experience. For this purpose, The WUM is providing following facilities to its students:


An academic library is considered as the “heart of university” in its educational activities which assist students in use of information and provide free and equal access to information to facilitate their learning process. The Library at The WUM was established on 5thMay 2004, having almost 32,000 books of different subjects, 90 scientific magazines, 40 subscribed journals and newspapers, 3 Assistant Librarians and supporting staff. There is a reading room and one computer lab in Library. The WUM also provides online access to books and journals through HEC digital library to help students in their research activities. An annual book fair is arranged each year to provide books on various subjects to facilitate the keen readers. The library remains open from 8.30am to 6:30pm.


The University is having two hostels (Amna Hall & Ayesha Hall) for its students with all basic facilities including mess with a total capacity of 650 students. The hostels are located inside the building of the University to provide the students secure stay on campus. Due to inside facility of accommodation, students are extremely close to campus being a short walk away from their classes and university building.
University is also having two faculty hostels to facilitate its staff with capacity of almost 36 room. Recently, student and faculty hostels have been established at Matital campus which will be available for students and faculty. All the matters related to the student’s hostels and faculty hostel are being administered by the Chairperson Hall Council and are coordinated through the hostel warden. There is strict 24/7 security check and procedures to ensure safety and security of female students who are residing in hostels.


Multan is a big city, students came from its different areas who are at long distance from the University. The new campus of university is also being established outside the city. The WUM is having the arrangements for its students for travelling to University and back for its both campuses. The University is having a fleet of 10 buses for providing the smooth transportation facility to its students according to the schedule issued from time to time by the transport office.
These university buses go to the different areas of Multan city through their specified routes and provide an outstanding transportation service to the students coming from across the entire city.


To provide first hand learning experience to the students of WUM and to produce outstanding stuff of future female scientists and professionals, university has established modern Labs in its different departments. There are 5 general and 5 research laboratories in department of Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Physics and MMG. There are 5 computer labs in department of Computer Sciences and Information Technology, English, Statistics and Mathematics. Continuous upgradation is undergoing in these labs with numerous new and advance research equipment to provide students facilitation in their studies.


For the refreshment and enjoyment of the students during their stay on campus, the university is having a cafeteria at the central location. The cafeteria offers the relaxing place to the students to eat, drink and for their social interaction. Senior faculty members monitor the activities of cafeteria to provide quality and hygienic food to the students of the university.


Physical activity and well-organized sports at educational institutions can play an important role in building student’s personality to perform extra ordinary academically as well as in personal life. The WUM arranges and celebrates a sports week each year during the month of March to provide its students a platform for their extra-curricular activities and to take part in different sports events. The purpose is to provide the students a healthy learning environment for their personality development and grooming according to their interests.


Health care of students and staff has always considered as the priority at the WUM. To fulfill this purpose the university is having a fully equipped on campus Health Center looked after by a female doctor. The University Health Center provides the first aid and medical assistance for minor emergencies. This Health center provides the health facilities to all students and staff throughout the year.


The WUM has established an Islamic center at the central location in the university. There are arrangements for prayer area for all students. This center is running under the supervision of a full-time teacher who monitors the activities of Islamic center and teaches the Quran to interested university students. The Center also arranges different religious events in the University.


The WUM is having ATM facility of HBL inside the building of the University to provide safe ATM transactions to university administration, staff and students. Branches of HBL and MCB are also under construction. The purpose of such facilities is to ensure a secure and comfortable stay of students on campus.


To facilitate the female staff The WUM has established Day Care Centers in both campuses. The Center runs under the supervision of a senior faculty member, there are five maids to look after the kids of teaching and administration staff. The center building is under renovation and it will provide more extended day Care services to large number of staff children in the near future.
The Center will not only facilitate the staff members regarding their on-campus child-care but it will also help in establishing a support unit in days to come for training and development of those students who want to pursue their careers in Childcare.


Due to the current law and order situation in the country, it is mandatory requirement for every educational institution to provide an efficient security system for the safety of its students and staff.
Within available resources, the WUM has a very vigilant security system. There is specified entry/exit gates with proper checking and record maintenance of credentials of entrants and parking of vehicles at safe place. Security cameras are placed at important locations. Search lights and establishment of CCTV control room are also the security measures taken by the university. Walk through gates and metal detectors are also available with university. Male and female Security guards do patrolling day and night. University has also ensured the provision of identification cards to students, staff and visitors for effective security services.


Since its inception, The Women University Multan has been offering two types of financial assistance to its brilliant, needy, orphan and disabled students on the basis of need or student’s financial status. These scholarships include:

    • Need based Scholarships

This scholarship scheme is funded by the higher education commission of Pakistan in which scholarships are offered to the meritorious needy students of the university. Total 116 scholarships have been awarded till date to the needy students of university.

    • Punjab Education Endowment Fund (PEEF)

PEEF is a pro-active scholarship scheme funded by the Government of Punjab, in which scholarships are provided to the students on the basis of marks obtained in their previous degree. The WUM has awarded 105 total PEEF scholarships till now amongst which 53 scholarships were granted to the students in the year 2016-2017.
Some other scholarships funded by the Women University, Multan are:

  • Students Welfare Funds.
  • Kinship Based Fee Concession.

Students apply for these scholarships through their relevant department and concerned departmental evaluation committees check the eligibility of their students for the award of these scholarships for their smooth educational activities without any interruption on monetary grounds based on their unaffordability.


The information technology has dramatically changed the teaching and learning profoundly. Keeping in view the greatest potential of IT in boosting the academic productivity to cope up with latest trends, The Women University has established the IT Support Center. The various projects and initiatives completed under the umbrella of IT Support Center are as Follows:

  • Fiber Optical Termination based campus wide Wi-Fi facility under “Smart university Project”
  • Installation of 83 indoor and 9 outdoor Access points
  • Provision of 124MB Bandwidth of PERN link
  • Web service:
  • Availability of online web portal for display of Admission criteria, Entry test results, merit lists, hostel allotments etc.
  • Computerized and online student registration for Admission, Fee-reimbursement, convocation & other educational matters.
  • Online availability of student fee vouchers and solution of other financial matters.
  • Online access of university prospectus, Academic calendar and all types of forms.
  • Issuance of official email ids for teachers, students and officers.
  • Visual display of various academic and extracurricular events.

Vision and Mission


Our prime purpose is to serve as a catalyst for the progress of women by providing excellent learning environment for quality education to produce graduates who are distinguished by their ability to create and preserve knowledge,  professional competence, leadership pragmatic and good citizenship, ethical rectitude and entrepreneurship.


The university aspires to play a leadership role in pursuit of excellence in Higher education for women to promote discovery, innovation and entrepreneurship to unleash highest potential of the graduates.

Core Values

  • Faith
  • Integrity
  • Hard work
  • Mutual respect
  • Justice and fair play
  • Common good and community service
  • Diversity
  • Collaboration
  • Professionalism and dedication
  • Leadership and Excellence

Core Goals:

The Women University Multan seeks to

Empower & provide access; attracting and serving students from diverse social economical and ethnic backgrounds in order to be sensitive and responsive to the underprivileged to provide them access to quality higher education

Provide cutting-edge teaching, research and mentorship; through enabling and nurturing environment that can development of their community and nation at large
Offer broad and balanced academic programs, at the undergraduate, graduate professional and postgraduate level, that emphasize high quality teaching and learning to develop critical thinking, desire for discovery, innovation and creativity Build state of the art infrastructure and enabling environment professional learning
Establish strategic collaborations with reputable national and international institutions for capacity building and outreach with local and global partners for technological and scientific research and development
Develop entrepreneurship ecosystem and social mobilization by creating conducive environment for healthy competition and business sensibility to generate knowledge through scholarly research based creative ventures addressing immediate and long -term needs of the society.

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