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Faculty Member

Dr. Asmat A. Sheikh

Personal Information


Dr. Asmat A. Sheikh


Associate Professor of English


03146850377, 03377107400


Degree Passing Year Majors University
Ph. D. in English 2016 Linguistics
M. Phil. English 2003 Linguistics BZU, Multan
Post Masters Diploma in English Language Teaching. Jan, 1992 to Dec, 1992 Department of English BZU Multan.
M.A. English 1985 Literature BZU, Multan
Bachelor of Arts 1981 Arts Islamiya University, Bahawalpur
F. Sc 1980 Pre-Medical BISE, Bahawalpur
Matriculation 1977 Science BISE, Bahawalpur

Teaching Experience

Designation From To Organization
Teacher Incharge/Chairperson Department of English, WUM.
Editor-in-Chief International Journal of Arts and Culture, WUM
Coordinator Ph. D./M. Phil Programme The Women University Multan
Member PEEF Scholarship Committee The Women University Multan
Convener Departmental Doctoral Programme Committee The Women University Multan


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  17. M. Phil thesis on ‘A Study in the Discourse of Advertising’.